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At Dear Poor People, I provide information on crypto currency investment opportunities. I have a vast portoflio I am building with crypto investments, forex, stocks, options, AI trading, real estate, life and health insurance, ecommerce, and much more. 

I took into consideration the various types of needs I saw and …

Financial Expert

The best teachers are those who have successfully mastered what they teach. I have spent years studying the principles of investment and have successfully mentored a number of individuals to replicate their success. I have a dynamic philosophy, which entails seeking new ways of achieving better results and keeping …


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Justin Arlo

Excellent quality service, recommended A++ 

Rich Georgie

Just perfect. Cannot recommend enough 

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Crypto Investments

Crypto Investments

Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools gives you and your family and friends the capability to come together with one common goal, to make money.

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King Me

King Me allows you to take control of your finances and create a stable stream of income.

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